CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

CCTV, closed circuit television, is now the popular choice of the people to monitor and secure their homes and business. It is installed at all places that have the danger of theft or wrongdoing. Be it to prevent theft and robbery at home or business, or to monitor the behavior of employees and students, CCTV could give a total guarantee for security level.
Whether you need indoor cameras, outdoor cameras or both we have a video security system that will meet your needs.
View from Anywhere with our Free Software: Every CCTV DVR camera systems include free software for both PC’s and smart phones. You don’t have to worry about hidden software license fees and subscriptions.

Best Quality in High Definition
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Affordable Prices. Pricing to fit your budget.

Don’t trust your home or business security to unqualified installers. Our highly skilled technicians will install your state of the art surveillance system and thoroughly explain how to use your new system.


Why choose Digital West Solutions for your next CCTV installation?

We have the highest quality equipment at the lowest prices. Very often our estimates are 20%-40% lower than those from our competition. Do not listen to installers telling you that they have better quality equipment. Ask for detailed technical specification of every product and then match it with our offer. We will give you not only better price but also higher quality and professional service including two year warranty on our CCTV products.


We are dedicated to CCTV. We not only know how to run the cables or mount cameras. We know that different case scenarios require different cameras and different approach. We follow all the latest market trends. Our staff participates in every important security expo (ISC East, ISC West etc.) gaining knowledge required to provide top of the line service. We have experience in all range of installations. From homes, through restaurants, bars, hotels, stores, office buildings to huge warehouses and manufacturing plants. We’ve done it all.


Tired of installers that after taking your check are no longer available? Our dedicated service and technical support will always be there for you. Our warranty service is usually on site in less then 48 hours.

We stock our products. When there is problem or any of the products is defective we can replace it right away. We won’t make you wait few weeks for manufacturer to examine defective product and fix it or send replacement.